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About Underwater Images

Peter Pinnock is a photographer, conservationist, maverick, worldly African and obsessive traveller - a visual vagabond. He started his diving career 30 years ago. His interest in photography and love for the ocean soon prompted him to buy his first underwater camera and his career in underwater photography was launched. What started innocently as a hobby soon lurched out of control and became a passion that has spanned 5 continents and thousands of air miles.

Over the years Peter has accumulated an impressive number of awards. His pictures of the underwater world have appeared in numerous magazines and glossy coffee-table books. But its not about the awards. Its about the adventure to create the image - the underwater search and visual hunting that ultimately culminates in one thirtieth of a second to capture a special moment in time. He continues to travel to distant locations in pursuit of that magical, often elusive, undersea Nirvana. Peter lives in Durban, South Africa, where he dreams of exotic locations, clear water and has easy access to the best diving in Southern Africa.

Pictures without a story are meaningless. Jeanne Liebetrau breathes life into Peterís images with her keen eye for a compelling story and good words. And, being a woman, she has many of them. Jeanneís work has been published in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Germany, England and South Africa. While Peter composed his photos she observed the surrounding oceans and realized there was a lot to see and write about. And so a love of all things wet and wild developed.

The stories and underwater pictures shown on this site represent a small sample of work produced during years of adventures in the world's oceans.  

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